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Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 (Full Movie Download)

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Watch the full Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 movie!  After purchase you will be emailed a link to stream instantly or download the file onto your device for offline viewing.

This video is not available anywhere else, the DVD is out of print.  Enjoy!

After the cars here in, the bikes were next. This year there were nine motorcycles in total so it was decided to bring them in three at a time. The first group featured Born Free 4 Best of Show winner Matt Olsen on his 1947 H-D Knucklehead, Jeff Wright of Church of Choppers with his personal custom built 1978 H-D Shovelhead and Scott Jones of Noise Cycles with Chaka Khan, a 1978 H-D Shovelhead.

The second group featured Michael Barragan and his 1947 H-D Knucklehead, Roland Sands (RSD) on custom H-D machine along with Yaniv Evan of Power Plant Cycles riding his 1971 H-D Shovelhead.

The third and final group included Lucas Joyner, The Factory Metal Works and a custom built 1965 Triumph he built for MOONEYES. Due to unknown reasons, Todd Asin walked his 1952 Triumph down the center isle as Mike Davis on his 1950 Triumph escorted him by his side.

Once everyone was up at the front, each too to the platform to say hello to the welcoming crowd of show goers and that started the 21st Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show 2012!

Special guests from abroad included four cars and nine bikes.
Just before the official kick start of the show at 9AM, the doors to the main entrance opened for spectators. The rush of people floor the area around the center isle and prepare for the ride in. A tradition for this particular show, each of the guests from abroad physically ride in through the back gate, down the center and make their way towards the front in parade fashion. At just around 9:30AM, the back gate opened, the announcer welcomed the spectators and the first car appears before the awaiting audience. First appearances are last year’s (HCS2011) Best of Show Automobile and Best of Motorcycle. After they make their way to the front, the back gate opened again.

The four cars and special guests took their turns down the main isle, one after another. Dale Snoke drove his 1964 Mercury B/FX "the ROCKET". Gerson "Rez" Rivera, Corsairs CC member and his 1929 Ford Roadster drove through next. The Lightning Bug, the chopped 1960 VW Type-1 and legendary owners Paul and Mark Schley were followed by DKP member Bill Schwimmer and his 1959 VW Ragtop. Last but not least was Wheels Unlimited’s 1953 Mercury "Gone Bananas" customized and driven by the legendary Gene Winfield.

The one day show has consistently grown for the past 20 years and has maximized the entire exhibition hall for the past several years while still increasing the number of entrants as well as spectators. This year was no exception and not only met new challenges but exceeded expectations with over 15,000 spectators with over 500 making their way from abroad.

There were new spotlight features of the event such as the VW Air Cooled in Action segment with over 80 VWs of many variants grouped together. Another new spotlight was the Early Days Chopper Extravaganza which focused on ’60s and ’70s style chopper motorcycles and that brought in 30 off the wall bikes including a group from the southern island of Kyushu.

This show, this event, would not be possible without the interest of the viewers, the fans and the show goers. Our goal is to entertain while perpetuating this car and bike culture that we have so much love for. Overall, it is most important to us that every single person that was there for the show left with great memories, a positive experience and genuinely enjoying the day at the event. We thank you for your support and spending the day with us.

å_ÌÔå«å_̏ÌâååÈ_ åÎ_ÌÔåÎ_å´å_ÌöÌáåÜåå Japanese subtitles!

Runtime approx 90 mins.

FORMAT: SD H.264 MP4 *Plays on Mac, PC, Smart Phone, Tablet, Android, iPhone, iPad

2012åÎ_åÇ12å_̦̏2å_ÌÔå«å¥_̦å_ÌÔå«å¥_Ì_åÜÌÝååå«_åÎå«Ì¦åÎÌÁååÌÌ_åÜåå¬åÜÌãÌÓåÜÌ¢ÌÁåÜÌãå´åÜÌ¢å£åÜÌ¢_å_åÂåÈå_åµÌåÜåå_å_̐ÌÏåÎÌ¢ÌâåÜåå´åÜÌ¢Ì_åÜåÌª 21th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2012 åÜåå¬åÜÌãÌ_åÜÌã_åÜÌãÌÕåÜÌã_åÜÌãÌâåÜÌãååÜÌã_åÜÌã̦åÜåå_åÜåå»åÜÌÝÌ¢

åÌâÌâ21åÎ̝_ åÜÌãåÂåÜÌ¢_åÜÌãååÜÌã_ åÜÌã̝åÜÌãÌãåÜÌã̦åÜÌã_åÜÌãÌãåÜÌãÌ_ åÜÌãÌö åÜÌ¢ÌàåÜÌ¢_åÜÌ¢ÌÛåÜÌãÌ_åÜÌ¢ÌÁåÜÌãå_åÜÌã_ 2012
2012åÎ_åÇ 12å_̦̏2å_ÌÔå« (å_ÌÔå«) åÜåÌàåÜÌÝååÜÌãÌÓåÜÌ¢ÌÁåÜÌãå´åÜÌ¢å£åÜÌ¢_å_åÂåÈå_åµÌåÜåÌàåÜå_å_̐ÌÏåÎÌ¢ÌâåÜåÌÔåÜåÌª
Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012åÜÌÝÌ¢
åÜÌ¢_åÜÌ¢_åÜÌã̦åÜÌ¢ÌàåÜÌã_åÜåå¬å_å_ÌÏåÎÌ_ååÎåÌå_åååÜÌÝåUSAåÜÌÝåå_ÌÔå«å_̏ÌâåÜåå_åÜåå¬ååµåÁåÌÌ_åÜÌ¢ÌÁåÜÌã_åÜÌã_åÜåÌÏåÜÌ¢Ì_åÜÌÝååÎ_ÌÕå_ÌÔå«åÜåå¬åÜÌãå©åÜÌ¢_åÜÌãÌ_åÜÌ¢_åÜÌã_å_Ì_å___åÎÌ_åÇåÜåå_åÜåå¬­å_åẤå_å_ÌáåÜå_åÜåå_åÜÌÝåOfficial DVD åÜååÈåÜÌ¢Ì_åÜåå_åÜåÌüåÜåå¬å_åÇå_ÌÊååÜååÈå_ÌáÌ_åÎÌãååÜ̢̥åÎ__å_å´åÁåÎå_å_Ì__åÜÌÝÌ¢åÎ_ÌÕå_ÌÔå«å___åÎÌ_åÇåÜåÌàå_åå«åÜåÌªå_̐_åÜ̢̢åÜÌÝåå_å¬ÌÏåÎÌÛåµåÜååÈåÜåÌ_åÜÌ¢Ì_å_åå«åÜÌ¢Ì_åÜååÈåÜåÌÏåÜåå£åÜåÌªå_̐_åÜ̢̢åÎÌÛÌä­å_ÌÏåÜåå¬å_Ì_ÌÝå___åÜåå_åÜåå»åÜÌÝÌ¢

å_ÌÔå«å_̏ÌâååÈ_ åÎ_ÌÔåÎ_å´å_ÌöÌáåÜåå

Car Show & Motorcycle Show åÜÌ¢åÂåÜÌãåÈåÜÌ¢å¢åÜåÌàåÜåÌü åÎåÌ£åÜÌãÌÕåÜÌãÌàåÜÌãÌÝåÜÌã_å_Ì__åå_ÌàåÜåå¬å_Ì_ÌÝåÎååÁåÜ̢̥åÎå±å´å_å_åÜÌÝÌ¢
åÜåå´åÜÌ¢Ì_åÜåÌàåÜåÌüHCSåÜåå¬åÌ¢å_åÜåÌàå_Ì_̐åå´Ì_åÎåÌ£åÎ̝_åÜåÌÏåÜÌ¢Ì_å_̝åÊåÜå_åÜÌ¢ÌÏåÜÌ¢å¢åÜÌã_åÜÌãåÊåÜÌ¢å£åÜÌ¢_åÜÌã̦åÜåÌüåÌÁååÎÌÏå¢ 60åÎååå_Ìöå«å_Ì__åÜåÌà Dice Magazine åÜåå_åÜå_åÜååÈåÜåÌáåÜåÌÛåÜåå¬ Dean å_ÌÊåÜåÌ£åÜÌ¢ÌÏ Black Tibetans åÜ̢̥åÎå_ÌÏåÜÌ¢ååÜÌÝååÎ__åÜåååÜåå¬ Band åÜåÌ_ Special Live åÜ̢̥åÌÌ_åÜåÌ£åÜå_åÜåå»åÜÌÝÌ¢
å_Ìö_åÎ_åÇåÜ̢̢åÌÌåÜÌ¢_å_Ì__åÜåÌ_åÜÌ¢_åÎÌÛÌäåÌÊ_åÜåå¬ HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW!!
å_ÌÔå«å_̏ÌâåÎ̝_åÎåÊÌäåÜåÌüåÜ̢̢åÜåÌåÜÌ¢ååÜÌ¢ÌÕå_Ì_̐åå´Ì_å_Ì__åÜåÌÏåÜÌ¢Ì_å__åÂåÌå¬åÜ̢̥å_åµåÇåÜå_åÜÌ¢ÌÏåÎ̝_åÎåÊÌäå_̏ÌÝåÎ_å_ååÇ_åÜåå¬ åÜÌ¢_åÜÌã_åÜÌãÌ_åÜÌ¢å¢ åÜÌ¢ÌàåÜÌã_ åÜÌ¢å¢åÜÌã_åÜÌãÌ_ åÜÌãååÜÌ¢_åÜÌ¢ÌüåÜÌ¢ÌÁåÜÌãå_åÜÌã_
Yokohama HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW åÜåÌàå_ÌáÌüå_å_åÎ_́å_åå«åÎÌ_åÇåÜåååÜåÌ_åÜåå´åÜåÌ£å¥_å

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