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Hot Rod Havoc Vol. 4 (full movie download)

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Hotrod Havoc 4
Have you seen..Dean Micetech's(DicE)survivor '32 coupe? Skoty Chops cruising in his '36 Plymouth prewar kustom? The new paint and interior in Alex Gambino's '54 Chevy? Scott Birdsall punishing his "Strangebird"? Slim getting the front wheels in the air in his chopped '64 drag van? Bobby Gomez's '57 Chevy gasser tearing up the streets in Santa Ana? The Lifters' "King of Clubs" drag races? Skot Chops' ShootOut car show? If you said NO to any of these do yourself a favor and grab this movie now!
Filmed in Maui, San Fransisco Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, San Diego,and Hawaii.
Running time: 35 minutes
Filed under best Hot Rod movies, bestcar movie category.

FORMAT: H.264 MP4 *Plays on Mac, PC, Cell Phone, Tablet, Android, even iPhone and iPad


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