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Vintage Torque Issue #4 (full movie download)

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Featuring coverage from Kalamazoo to Yokohama! There are some amazing cars in this video. Kustoms that guys built in their own garages, as well as traditional hot rods that are in the process of being restored to the way they were in the 50s. Notes from DIRECTOR JOHN WELLS: In December we were lucky enough to get to go to Japan and and we got some killer coverage from Mooneyes Japan. A week later Matt Davis from DicE Magazine let us follow him and some other guys riding down the Pacific Coast Highway-beautiful scenery and some really nice home built bikes make this segment very nice. (Not to mention one of my favorite bands The Von Ehrics provide the background music) Industrial Chassis in Phoenix had an open house and we were able to film them dropping an axle there - very informative. One of the best segments for me to watch was the Day of the Drags which takes place just north of Austin TX. I did not get to go, but HemiDave was there to capture the action. Another great segment that I really appreciate. After seeing this footage - I want to go this year! Special Thanks to Norm and the rest of the Kontinentals. The Hunnert Car Pile-Up is one of the best 1 day shows in the world. What a lot of people seem to miss out on is the pre party the night before. Downtown Morris IL becomes a traditional hot rod heaven as cars & trucks from all over the country cruise in to check out the scene. We also show a bit of Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle. The Chrome Czars are the car club the put on the Hunnert AND 2 of the guy in the Chrome Czars own Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle. SO I thought that the out of towners that only come to the Hunnert on Saturday, should know that there is plenty to do the days before the Pile-UP - like go check out the HRCC shop and be sure to not miss the pre party the night BEFORE the Hunnert. And one of the best quality shows in the country, the Grand National Roadster Show. We have coverage of the hot rods coming into the show as well as all the killer rides that are in the Suede Palace (hosted by the Shifters). (Be sure to see the cameo of Mad Fabricators Originator Piero de Luca give me the 1 finger salute - I love you Piero & I wish I had a car as cool as the Live Wire!!!) Overall there is way too much stuff ...but hey you can always press stop and watch more the next day or next week right? Other stuff: Voodoo Kings-Fire! (lotsa flame throwing!), Dave White's Pontiac Safari Kustom Scottsdale AZ coverage Dallas TX Chicken Run, Eric Anderson's Modified Roadster Byron Crump's '32 5 Window 60's style hot rod, Columbus coverage, Liberace this car looks like it should be on the show circuit circa 1961 only this guy DRIVES this car! 1949 International Harvester - there are so many mods on this thing you would never know this was a full size truck at one time! Flyrite Choppers Open House Cheater Carl and his 1930 Modified Model A Coupe Kalamazoo coverage Bill Greener and his '32 5W this thing is DRIVEN - as you can see it has MUD all over it!!! Des Moines & the Cornfed Feast, the art of Death Ray Design (they did our cover this time), Corrugated Flyer Murray Kustom Rods Dallas TX and the popular Polar Bear Cruise - sponsored by the Bare Bones Car Club these guys and gals are not afraid to take the cars out in the middle of winter and drive em. That is exactly what they do! They cover 45 miles on backroads of IL with snow as the backdrop. Some of the bands that you will hear this time include The Ghastly Ones, Diesel Finger, The Reverb Syndicate, High School Caesar, Los Coronas,The Von Ehrics, Speedball Jr, Astro Zombies, The Tremors, and many many more. From good old classic rockabilly to Red Neck metal-we try to have a little bit of everything - but nothing too out there! Remember one of the things that makes Vintage Torque movies different you get to see the cars AND hear them. So even though there may be some Charlie Hightone playing in the background if you see a car getting on it you are gonna hear it as well! Running time: 240 minutes
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