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Vintage Torque Issue #3 (full movie download)

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Featuring: - Kansas City's best show called the Greaserama put on by Los Punk Rods - The Cheaters Car Club in Milwaukee has an annual event called Cheaterama - full coverage from that show is included as well as... - The Voodoo Kings road trip to Cheaterama. - Bowling Green KY - the Hot Rod Reunion - this gathering brings people from all over the country and there is a bit of nostalgia drags on there as well as the hot rods that came to watch. -Kobe Japan has one of the best independent bike shows in the world (Triumphs, BSA, old Harleys & Indians etc - no new stuff) - HemiDave was there and got some killer footage - For the motorcycle fans there is also a segment detailing the Davenport Antique Bike Swap. - Max Grundy recently had a gallery showing at La Luz De Jesus Gallery and VT was there to film it and get an interview with him. - Santa Maria! The big thing that everyone has been asking about IS on here this time.....Santa Maria - formerly known as Paso Robles, event coverage is on here - and it features stuff in the show as well as out on the streets. There is so much going on that weekend it seems no matter where you go there are amazing rides everywhere. Last year saw the inaugural cruise from Santa Maria down to Los Alamos. VT3 has complete coverage of all the hot rods taking over this sleepy little town. - Feature Cars like Kirk Jones MAY CAUSE DANGEROUS - this car is outstanding - Alex Gambino did a lot of the work and he did the interview detailing all the work that went into that Starliner. Also is a 60s show rod that had been sitting in a heated garage for 35 years - looks like it just came off of Car Craft cover circa 1961. - Mark Chapman and his all steel '32 Roadster. There is SO much footage on here - Rust Revival is on there as well!
Running time: 240 minutes
Filed under best Hot Rod movies, best car movie category.

FORMAT: H.264 MP4 *Plays on Mac, PC, Cell Phone, Tablet, Android, even iPhone and iPad


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