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Dice Digital Issue 64 is ready!

Dice Digital Issue 64 is ready!

Posted by Zack Coffman on Oct 30th 2015

Cover - Art by Ryan Quickfall

1. Matt Eddmenson and his Knucklehead. Photo: Larry Niehues.

2. Strychnine Triumph. Photo Andrea Mazzon.

3. Brat Style Indian. Photo: Jose Gallina.

4. The Great Frog LA. Photo Larry Niehues.

5. Dimitri Coste. Photo: Larry Niehues.

6. Wil Thomas III and his Knucklehead. Photo: Flyin' Dutchman.

7. Brandon Hirata and his Shovelhead. Photo: Troy Critchlow.

8. On The Road. Photo: John Sender.

9. Brittney Olsen and her 1923 J Model HD.

10. Jose Gallina and his Evo Sportster. Photo: Nick DePaulo.

11. CA HWY 2. Photo: Eric Hobbs.

12. Father & Son. Photo: Mikey Revolt.

13. Blair and his Triumph. Photo: Larry Niehues.

14. Christina Reynard: Photo: Elvis Castillo.

15. Dalen and his Panhead. Photo: Nick DePaulo.

16. Sean Kearney and his Knucklehead. Photo: Elvis Castillo.

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