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Bike and Builder Series Download Bundle! (Watch Episodes 1,2,3)

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Three builders, three styles, one passion. Bike & Builder: the Road to Mama Tried is a new series from the creators of Choppertown. Far from the standard reality TV format, this show takes viewers into the minds and hearts of three very different custom motorcycle builders from across the USA as they prepare their newest creations for the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show in Milwaukee, WI.

Running time: 3 episodes, 27 minutes each Format: 1080p HD

Jeff Cochran builds bobbers. Stripped-down, kick-ass bobbers. Widely known as co-founder of Sucker Punch Sally’s, he now works from a private shop in rural Indiana building his special brand of choppers for the working man. He approaches each build with a jeweler’s eye and has his shop set up like a one-man factory assembly line. In this episode of Bike & Builder take an intimate voyage with Jeff into the shop of your dreams.

Scott Jones loves going fast. He loves building bikes that go fast. His obsession almost ruined him. He’s the first person to tell you that building custom motorcycles for a living isn’t the easy path to riches, but with the right woman behind you anything is possible. By day he works 9-5 helping to pay the bills, at night he wrenches, and on weekends he becomes a superhero. Join Scott at his home shop in SoCal where he builds one-off monsters for the road and track and take a front row seat as he enters the Hooligan fighting pit with his Harley sponsored Noise Cycles racing team.

Keino has a vision. One of the last true metal shapers, he creates his visions in his mind and hammers them into existence. But having vision isn’t enough, it takes sacrifice, and work. It takes the passion and drive to leave the land of your birth and head to a country where you don’t speak the language, to take classes in something you know nothing about, to seek out an internship at a shop where you only survive by proving you worth, and finally, maybe you get to study under a master. Keino’s work with Indian Larry is now the stuff of legend. That time is now past. Join him as he takes you inside his mind and shows you what he has in store for the future.

Runtime: 80 mins

FORMAT: Full HD - H.264 MP4 *Plays on Mac, PC, Cell Phone, or Tablet

Captions in English for hearing impaired and non-English speakers

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