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Vintage Triumph Rebuild & Maintenance Videos (Download 3 Complete Movies) - How to repair a Triumph

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Download All Three Triumph Rebuild videos from Lowbrow Customs in one specially priced bundle - After purchase you will be emailed a link to watch instantly or download the files onto your device or computer.

Triumph 650 Rebuild Video - Acclaimed British motorcycle expert Wes White of Four Aces Cycle teaches engine teardown and step-by-step cleaning, inspection and reassembly in concise, easy-to-follow chapters. Professional mechanics and enthusiasts alike will find Wes's hard-earned shop secrets invaluable. Perfect for your 650 c.c. or 750 c.c. Triumph motor, it is also very helpful for rebuilding your 500 c.c. or Pre Unit motor as well!

English 101 is a full tune & service video that covers pre unit and unit Triumphs and unit BSAs. In this interactive shop manual, watch step-by-step as Wes White of Four Aces Cycle demonstrates everything you need to keep your British bike reliable, on the road and running great. Designed to teach you how to maintain your British motorcycle. All filmed in high definition it is packed full of everything you need to keep your bike on the road and running great!

English 102 is great for the Triumph enthusiast who wants to know more about his motorcycle and how to keep it running great. English 102 is the next step in your British motorcycle education. Once again hosted by Wes White, the electrical system on your vintage British motorcycle is covered in depth with a concentration on identification of parts, troubleshooting, and tips to wire your bike from scratch. More carburetors, Amal, Mikuni and JRC units, are disassembled and discussed. In depth analysis of rebuilding hydraulic front ends, clutch center maintenance and cam bushing reaming is also included. A must for those of you with a true quest for knowledge. Electrical: Understanding What You Have Troubleshooting your Electrical System How-To Wiring & Electrical Tips Carburetors: Amal, Mikuni & JRC Rebuilding Your Front End Mixing & Matching Front End Parts Rebuilding a Clutch Center Cam Bushing Installation and Reaming

Runtime: OVER 10 HOURS!

Format: H.264 MP4 *Plays on TV, Mac, PC, Cell Phone, or Tablet

Triumph 650 Rebuild
Episode 1: Intro
Episode 2: Top End Teardown
Episode 3: Bottom End Teardown
Episode 4: Bottom End Teardown Transmission
Episode 5: Bottom End Teardown Timing Slide
Episode 6: Bottom End Teardown Splitting Cases
Episode 7: Bottom End Teardown Sludge Trap
Episode 8: Connecting Rod Reassembly
Episode 9: Case Reassembly
Episode 10: Bottom End Reassembly
Episode 11: Timing Side Reassembly
Episode 12: Transmission Reassembly
Episode 13: Kickstart/Gearbox Reassembly
Episode 14: Primary Side Reassembly
Episode 15: Top End Reassembly
Episode 16: Installing Points & Oil Line
English 101
Episode 1: Valve Adjustments
Episode 2: Oil Sytem and Oil Changes
Episode 3: Chain Adjustments
Episode 4: Carburetor
Episode 5: Electrical System Maintenance
Episode 6: Handy Dandy Tips
Episode 7: Chassis and Wheels
Episode 8: Clutch Adjustments
Episode 9: Triumph Magneto and Ignition Plate
Episode 10: BSA Magneto and Ignition Plate
Episode 11: Finding Top Dead Center on a Triumph
Episode 12: Pre-Unit Finding Top Dead Center
Episode 13: Ignition Systems, Magneto, Electronics and Points
Episode 14: Install Lucas Magneto on Pre-Unit
English 102
Episode 1: Wiring and Electrical (Advanced Techniques)
Episode 2: Front Ends (Advanced Techniques)
Episode 3: Carburetors (Advanced Techniques)
Episode 4: Cam Bushing and Reaming (Advanced Techniques)
Episode 5: Clutch Hub Rubbers (Advanced Techniques)

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