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The Harbortown Bobber Soundtrack CD

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All the original hard-rockin' songs used in the biker film The Harbortown Bobber.

Track list: 1. åÕåÔåÕIntroåÕåÔåÕ

2. Action (The Lords of Altamont)

3. The Cannibal King (The Untamed)

4. Faded Black (The Lords of Altamont)

5. åÕåÔåÕIrish RichåÕåÔåÕ

6. LivinåÕåÔ This Way (Hellbound Glory)

7. Altamont Boogaloo (The Hypnomen)

8. Spanjolskij (Swing of Sahara)

9. åÕåÔåÕCindy RutherfordåÕåÔåÕ

10. Omie Wise (J. Tex)

11. åÕåÔåÕJ BirdåÕåÔåÕ

12. Living Hell (The Lords of Altamont)

13. åÕåÔåÕEarl KaneåÕåÔåÕ

14. Good Friends (J. Tex)

15. Time Has Come (The Lords of Altamont)

16. åÕåÔåÕSpirit RidersåÕåÔåÕ

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