Mad Fabricators Vol. 7 (hot rod DVD)

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MAD FABRICATORS VOL. 7 Texas has always been a hotbed for Hot Rods and Kustoms. In this issue of Mad Fabricators Society we meet up with some of the guys that are part of a culture that lives and breaths cars! We visit some great collections as well as some familiar Mad Fabricators Alumni to see what they are up to today. We also check out a few shows like the Lone Star Round Up and The Revolution. Follow Bob Bleed and his crew as they create another shop truck using strictly old parts to build a perfect, pure, period correct hot rod in 3 weeks! FEATURING: STEVE WERTHEIMER - COLLECTION THE REVOLUTION - 2011 CAR SHOW LOYD HARLAN - El TORO SURVIVOR BASS KUSTOMS - TEXAS PLAYBOY ROADSTER LONE STAR ROUND UP - 2012 CAR SHOW MARK FORD - BARE METAL COUPE RYAN COCHRAN - TARDEL / COCHRAN COUPE JASON ELLIS - QUESTION MARK COUPE THE REVOLUTION - 2012 CAR SHOW DAVE WEBBER - AUSTIN MANGLER COUPE JERRY DAMAN - JUNIOR CONWAY CLONE BOB MERKT SR. - LOW ROADSTER

Run Time 1 hour 50 minutes on two discs!!

Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed - USA, Europe, Japan OK!)

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