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I, Superbiker Vol 1 (full movie download)

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Download Mark Sloper's acclaimed motorcycle racing documentary I, Superbiker.  After purchase you will be emailed a link to watch instantly or download the file onto your device or computer.  We're so honored to have the USA premiere exclusively on Choppertown!

I, Superbiker 1


"The stories of these six superbikers are quite interesting and they show the reality of the highs and lows of the life of a racer. I think even non-motorbike fans would enjoy the classic themes of struggle, redemption, and heartache involved in this film. And this isn't "reality TV"; it's reality!" ~TLRJohnny

Following four superbike riders through their dramatic British Superbike Season. They are the new GLADIATORS, battling at 200MPH, riding through torturous conditions and risking life and limb at every race meeting. Only one can be the true champion. Film score by David Vanian of the Damned, music by Phil Collen of Def Leppard and Manraze. The high-octane documentary intimately follows the great British hope, Tommy Hill, whose parents have sacrificed their home, holidays and finances to support his burning ambition to be Britain s number 1 superbike racer. Tommy commented, 'British Superbikes is motorcycle racing at its very best and this film shows that brilliantly. It's amazing to see BSB on the cinema screen. It's a massive sport with a great following - now hopefully people who don't know it that well can see what an incredible event it is . Alongside Tommy Hill, I,Superbiker is a revealing portrait of the highs and lows of fellow racers, James Ellison, Josh Brookes and Gary Mason, riding through torturous conditions and risking life and limb at every race meeting. Motorcycle fans and thrill seekers alike will be able to experience the gladiatorial speed, strength and tenacity of the riders as they battle their way through the dramatic 2010 BSB Season. The film s writer, producer and director Mark Sloper of 400 TV commented: I wanted to capture the emotion and passion of motorcycle racing a classic motorcycle racing film that might be set in the 2010 season but can still be fresh in years to come . He added, 'I also wanted it to appeal to people outside of the motorcycle industry and fan-base. And I wanted to try and change outsiders perceptions of motorcycling .

"Brilliant" -- The Sun

"Gripping" -- The Mirror

Runtime: 100 minutes

FORMAT: H.264 MP4 *Plays on Mac, PC, Cell Phone, or Tablet


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