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Dirtbag 2: Return of the Rattler (full HD movie download)

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Dirtbag 2: Return of the Rattler in HD

"MAKE IT YOUR OWN." What happens when four regular guys decide to build a chopper and enter it in the Dirtbag Challenge?  Find out in this follow-up to one of our all time best sellers! 

Of course you can build a chopper in one month and for under a thousand bucks. If you're a mechanic or a fabricator. But what if you have no experience at all? In the first Dirtbag documentary, all the builders said the same thing: "anyone can do this". After being spectators for years, the filmmakers set out to prove this statement right or wrong once and for all.

Five stars!

"This is a movie with soul. You laugh, you learn, you grow, and you come away thinking it’s time to go get a project bike and start wrenching. All you need is a vision, a garage, and a buddy or two by your side."

~Rashmi Tambe, AMA Contributor

Runtime: 56 minutes

FORMAT: 1080p HD H.264 MP4 *Plays on Mac, PC, Cell Phone, or Tablet


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