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Dice Magazine Digital (Issue 65)

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In partnership with Dice Magazine, we are proud to present the fully digital edition of the best garage-built chopper mag on the planet. 

After purchase you will be emailed a link to view instantly or download your copy of Dice Digital onto your device for offline viewing.

Length: 132 pages (same as print edition)

Additional features: Links to builder profiles on Instagram, product links, in-depth videos and interactivity

FORMAT: All digital *Viewable on Mac, PC, Cell Phone, Tablet, Android, even iPhone and iPad

About Dice Digital: A joint venture between Dice and Choppertown, Dice Digital features all the amazing photos and stories Dice has been bringing to you for over eleven years, but because of the magic of the Interwebs a rabbithole of links, videos, and content open up before you as you read. 

*Love a build and and want to connect to the builder?  Click his Instagram link and you can be in touch instantly. 

*See something in an ad that catches your eye?  Click the sponsor's link and you will be taken instantly to their site to get more information.

*Wish you could see the bike in action?  Every issue includes Easter egg videos planted throughout.  Just click the video icon and the video will play instantly right inside the magazine.

In Issue 65:

Wish you were here/her! Timo Tigerblood is the legend that shot this
sneaky photo for the cover and free postcard!
When was the last time you sent a postcard to someone?! I
know...bloody yonks ago!!!
Well have no fear, DicE #65 is here!
Ps. You're welcome.

Cover - (Matt)*
1. Elias' brilliant Pre-unit Triumph. Saskatchewen, Canada. Photo -
Willie Leake (Matt)*
2. Jon Crush's BT HD Flathead. Florida, FL, USA. Photo - Urban Photographic.
3. Scotty's Shovelhead. San Luis Obisbo, CA, USA. Photo - Joise Farrior. (Matt)*
4. Bon Zorro. London, England. Photo - Sam Christmas.
5. Johnny Morales, Epsom, England.
6. Matt Landman's Shovelhead. Brooklyn, NY, USA. Photo - Micahel
Schmidt. (Matt)*
7. Chongo's Norley, London, England. (Matt)*
8. TROG 2015. Photo - Robert Adamo. (Matt)*
9. Quick Silver, Vintage Dreams resurrected Panhad show bike.
Martinez, CA, USA. Photo - Troy Critchlow. (Matt)*
10. Mick De Rocker's wicked black Shovelhead. Kalken, Belgium. Photo -
Bram De Roeck.
11. Kevin MacKay's slab side Shovelhead. Concord, NC, USA. Photo - Daron Gray.
12. Josh's Evo Sporty. Lowell, IN, USA. Photo - Ken Carvajel. (Matt)*
13. DVR 2015. Death Valley, USA. Photo - Michael Schmidt.
14. Kojo gets ID'd. London, England. (Matt)*
15. Dario's digger. Savona, Italy. Photo - Marco Frino.
16. Marko's slab side Shovelhead. Stockholm, Sweden. Photo - Miko Seppanen.
17. Timo Tigerblood. Queensland, Australia. Photo - Timo Tigerblood. (Matt)*
18. Choppahead. Freetown, MA, USA. Photo - Amanda Lee. (Matt)*
19. Meredith Devine, Eagle Rock, CA, USA. Photo - Micheal Schmidt.
20. Kingdom Of Kicks UK ride. Photo - James A Grant. (Matt)*
21. Nils and his CB500. Sankt Augustin, Germany. Photo - Daniel
Schaefer. (Matt)*
22. Nicke Svensson gets questioned. Stockholm, Sweden.


To those who might wish to share or "torrent" this for free:

Please remember, we are not some huge company.  We are a just some guys making movies (and now digital magazines!) that we hope you will love.  Every time you buy from Choppertown you are supporting us and the independent builders and artists who created eveything you see on this site.  We trust you not to share the files with all your friends for free.  We try to price everything at a fair level, so please ask your buddy to buy something instead of copying!  Your support keep us going, and we couldn't do it without you.  We can't stop you from copying or torrenting; all we can do is politely ask you to enjoy the shows and magazines, and let other people find them the same way.  Thanks!

Stay independent,

Zack and Scott

One World Studios Ltd.


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