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Choppertown: From The Vault (motorcycle DVD & BONUS CD)

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Choppertown: From the Vault is Two hours of UNSEEN FOOTAGE & OUTTAKES from the original shoot.  YES, this movie is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT footage than Choppertown: the Sinners...if you already have Choppertown: the Sinners you gotta have this DVD.  MORE bikes, MORE music, and MORE riding with Kutty Noteboom, Cole Foster, Jason Jessee, Rico Fodrey, James Intveld, and the Sinners.

*If you haven't seen the original Choppertown: the Sinners yet, STOP!  Go here and watch that that movie first.  THEN come back here and watch this one, it will mean a lot more.  Or you can go and both movies together for a special price here.

"After receiving accolades for their motorcycle documentary Choppertown: The Sinners, co-directors Scott Di Lalla and Zack Coffman took their unused footage from the film and created a follow-up, Choppertown: From the Vault. Fortunately for them and us, there was plenty of good material left over, so this disc is not just a bunch of deleted scenes, but a fine companion to the original." ~ Mac MacEntire,

(BONUS "Music to Wrench By" Soundtrack CD included!)

All 12 highway-pounding tracks from the FTV DVD Featuring: The Whitewalls, The Heathens, The Highway Murderers, The Harbortown Saints and James Intveld. Songs on the Bonus CD include: "Conquistador" by The Whitewalls "Rumble Riot" by The Heathens "Misery" by the Whitewalls "Tracks to My Tears" by The Whitewalls "Six Hours" by The Harbortown Saints "Harbortown" by The Harbortown Saints "Let's Get Murdered" by The Highway Murderers "Bats & Bones" by The Highway Murderers "Mystery Train" by The Whitewalls "What I've Got" by The Harbortown Saints "Kermit Vale" by James Intveld "Just For You" by The Whitewalls

Runtime: over 2 hours! Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed - USA, Europe, Japan OK!)

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