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Brittown: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD

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With haunting Celtic-rock melodies like The Quay and The Doryman and fun bike-themed jams like Miss Birmingham Small Arms, this soundtrack album from the cult-classic bike film Brittown is an original collection not to be missed. Featuring: Smiling Face Down, The American Wake, Faraway Boys, Fortune's Flesh, and Thirteen Stars.

Track Listings

1. A Weird Smell (Meatball)

2. Ballydesmond (The American Wake)

3. So Long (Smiling Face Down)

4. Ambition (Fortune's Flesh)

5. Miss Birmingham Small Arms (Smiling Face Down)

6. Sailor Jerry Rum (Faraway Boys)

7. Don't Need No Woman Tonight (Thirteen Stars)

8. If I'm So Wonderful (Smiling Face Down)

9. The Doryman (The American Wake)

10. That's a Good Stopping Point for Today (Meatball)

11. Cowboy Moon (Faraway Boys)

12. Midnight Ramblin' Man (Thirteen Stars)

13. McQueen (Lucky)

14. Dry (Smiling Face Down)

15. The Quay (The American Wake)

16. Ballydesmond Reprise (The American Wake)

17. Bonnie 650 (Meatball)

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