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6over & 6over (Slight Return) Combo Pack 2 DVDs!

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2 DVD COMBO SET - 6over and 6over-Slight Return

6over Well...after 2 years of hard work it's here. 6OVER The Movie. A film about 6 people who love and build motorcycles. Not much else to say really except that it has taken a lot of heart and soul from Michael Schmidt, Davey Cooperwasser, Matt, Dean and all of the dear friends that are in this film...Jeremiah Armenta (Love Cycles), Kim Boyle (BCM), Eddie Cleveland (Chun), Caleb Owens (Cro Customs), Max Schaaf (4Q), and Jason Webber (ATR). We really hope you love it as much as we do!

Runtime: 80 minutes

Region 0 Plays in all countries, guaranteed!

6over Slight Return Following hot on the heels of the very great 6over film comes this DVD. Chock a block full of outtakes from 6over. All your favorite characters are there with all new, unseen footage.

This film is 1 hour long and the DVD plays in all regions in all countries and it's really great.

Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed - USA, Europe, Japan OK!) Filed under best Motorcycle DVDs, best motorcycle movie category.

Filed under best Motorcycle DVDs, best motorcycle movie category.

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